Greg at Gruff Puppy you are the best! Thank you so much for your wonderful work on my great new site!

Belinda Chapple

22 October 2010


I first met Greg a few years back when I began my John Bowe ride / drive programs with V8Race. Greg was V8Races’ photographer so we’ve spent plenty of time hanging out while traveling to Australia’s race circuits. Over time we’ve become good friends. We have a common love of all matters Motorsport and we share many common interests. I truly admire his work and his ‘can do’ attitude – for me it is the way he goes about his stuff that really impresses me.

Over the years I have been exposed to plenty of “creative people” – who are anything but! Greg has a wonderful feel for his subjects. As with really creative people it just happens for them.  My JBR website – johnbowe.com.au is a fine example of his work. From the moment we first spoke (about JBR) Greg had a plan, he was really focused on the concept and enthusiastic throughout the project, he had a mountain of ideas!

I know he’s a dab photographer, he certainly does lot’s more than web design. He has a whole suite of clever things he can do. I’m always intrigued by creative people who make beautiful things and Greg can do it all. His passion is his Motorsport photography – you will see some of his work in my Gallery Page. Greg has been fantastic on my JBR project, he too can work his magic for you!

However, there is a quirky issue I need to raise – Gruffpuppy. I thought I had to ask the question, ‘mate, what’s with the name Gruffpuppy? It would be obvious to most (bar me) Greg has a great love of animals, especially dogs. He has a couple of Lab Retrievers and I’ve found animal lovers to generally be kind people. I can’t recommend Greg highly enough – he is a really clever, decent honorable guy. If that’s not quite enough – he’s a good mate of mine and he’ll give it a good crack for you!!

Cheers JB

10 June 2010

Like most good relationships they often start at a time when each person is looking for something fresh and has the energy to want to try something new. That’s how it started with Greg and I. Greg initially approached asking permission to photograph our cars on a track day at eastern Creek Raceway after I had recently returned from visiting Richard Petty’s Drive Experience in the USA. At Richard Petty’s I could see that the photo souvenirs they produced captured a memory that many of our V8RACE customers would be interested in taking home and sharing with friends. With a simple walk around Eastern Creek, in the space of a few minutes I could see that Greg not only had a passion for photography but it extended to all things visual and he threw at me a whole range of ideas from how to shoot to live web cams and ways to do it cost effectively.

Greg loves learning more about the new technologies that are shaping and redefining marketing, communication, social networking and customer relationship building. So our relationship is now about educating each other on how to compete in the marketplace through innovation and value. From the early days, I increasingly have used Greg as my “sensibility check” on many new initiatives for both V8RACE, my new venture GOLFTEC and many more other ideas that come and go. We bounce things back and forth and end up with a 1+1=3 most of the time [if not we move on]! He provides a very flexible and responsive service from his home office which negates unnecessary overheads to deliver consistently good value. I also have come to rely on Greg for a whole range of marketing, visual and creative services both on and off-line and he has gone the extra mile to provide quality and reliability in a world where many promises
are made without 100% delivery.

Greg Evans

11 June 2010

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