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VidBlaster Cafe Press Store Customization

I am very excited to be working on the VidBlaster Project. VidBlaster is a really cool video switcher that I have been fascinated with for a few years. I have made a few tutorials about it, and recently the programmer reached out to me and asked if I was interested in working on a few […]

Rosebud Saw Service

Just a simple place holder page for Rosebud Saw Service. Hopefully more exciting content will be coming soon. Check it out at

Silver Saddle Entertainment

Silver Saddle Entertainment is Belinda Chapple’s booking agency. This isn’t exactly how I would have designed the site, but it is what she wanted, it works, and she is happy with it. You can check it out at

Truck Jungle

I was asked by Motorsport Commentator Mark Oastler to design a web site for his Truck Jungle project, and this is the finished result. It was a lot of work, but it is a really beautiful site. Check it out –


Sabin And Chapple Productions

Wil Sabin and Belinda Chapple have asked me to rebuild their Sabin And Chapple Productions website.

Belinda Chapple

Above is the site I created for Australian female vocalists, Bardot’s Belinda Chapple. Check out the site now at

The Webernets

In the many years I have been building web sites, I have never really delved into site monitisation. During the course of my work I come accross a lot of very interesting things, so I thought I would jump into the deep end, create a new site based on the stuff I find, and learn […]

MHCS – Matthews Health Coding Solutions

A local resident asked me to revamp his old site with something Slick, Modern and Corporate – And here is the result! You can view the site at

Warragul Tattoos

I knew from the very first moment I met Gina Mezzino, I wanted to build her website. Check out Warragul Tattoos at Its in need of an update now, but still continues to work well.

Dogs With Blogs

Dogs With Blogs

Dogs With Blogs is the second online community I have created. Its a really fun site, with thousands of dogs from all around the world participating with their humans help. Visit Dogs With Blogs at

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