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John Bowe

During my time with John Bowe Racing, I was asked to make a web site for J.B based on a design by a third party. Above is a screen capture of the site, and I absolutely hated it. A few years later I got the go ahead to re-vamp the site, and below is the […]


V8Race challenged me considerably over the years to create bigger and better designs. I created a series of “Funnel” websites for them to help cast a broader search result net, and I always looked forward to overhauling their main site with this “Leather and Metal” theme . Unfortunately, As of 2011 I am no […]

V8Race Bathurst

After the main theme I designed for V8Race, and the subsequent funnel sites began to catch peoples attention, I modified and boosted it visually for V8Race’s drive days at the famous Mount Panarama track at Bathurst. The site was active with this highly visual and exciting theme for 2 years. Since parting company with V8Race […]

The Circle

“The Circle” was a great band based in South East Melbourne. Unfortunately, the band broke up and the site was never finished. It was gonna be cool though!

Four Legs Fine Art

I love the dogs who’s life I have been blessed to be a part of. During the course of providing good health for them, I met Dr Nick Emerton. Dr Nick is a great vet, and recently discovered he is a great drawer too! I still cant believe he never knew he could draw so […]


Golftec was the first REALLY cool site I built. It was the first site I built using Style Sheets, and I am so proud of it. I designed the companies logo, took all of the photo’s and built the site. Greg and Nick (Golftec Directors) entrusted me to deliver their new business venture an image […]

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